What is a policy center?


Although we function as one whole group we have several sub-groups within the organization that are known as policy centers. Each policy center is essentially a small focus group comprised of a policy center director and general body members that work on projects throughout the semester. These semester long projects, known as policy initiatives, attempt to impact real policies at the university, city, state, or even federal level. 

Each policy center focuses on a specific policy area, such as Economic Development, or Energy and the Environment. All of these centers are led by students who have been chosen because of their commitment to and passion about the subjects. Our policy centers investigate a wide breadth of issues, allowing students with a variety of interests to run and work on projects that they are passionate about. 

Getting involved in a policy center is great way to form close connections with other Roosevelt members and to learn more about areas that you are passionate about. Perhaps best of all, working on a policy center initiative has the opportunity to make a difference on people's lives.