About Technology:

The Technology Center was formed out of our chapter's concerns that our pre-existing structure did not adequately cover policy considerations of technology. The Technology Center focuses on innovations in technology and computer ethics, including but not limited to accessibility, connectivity, finance, privacy, and security. During the 2018-2019 school year, the Technology Center, led by Center Director and founder Lexie Lehmann, aims to partner with Columbia-affiliated start-ups, such as those partnered with Columbia Entrepreneurship’s Startup Lab, investigate their policy implications and regulatory hurdles, and brainstorm strategies and solutions for our start-up partners. We also hope to organize a speaker’s series on technology policy and to engage the Columbia community with this topic better. 

Previous Publications:

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Electronic IDs: Physical Protection for Metaphysical Data by Emma Cloyd

Governing CRISPR: Effectively Regulating Gene-Editing Technologies by Meredith Harris

China’s Great Firewall as an Economic Threat by Christopher Philogene

Tackling Interoperability of Health Information Technology by Sarah Lubin

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

Smart City U: Urban Universities as Test Beds for Smart City Ventures by Lexie Lehmann