About Economic Development:

The Roosevelt Institute’s Center for Economic Development confronts a broad range of issues germane to the America’s economic system – issues which are often the impetus for voters’ actions at the ballot box at every level of government. On Columbia’s campus, the center vigorously researched financial aid policy and authored an Op-Ed in the Columbia Daily Spectator about how the mandatory summer contribution can be scrapped for financial aid recipients with little cost to the university. The center has broached topics regarding America’s technological frontier, such as Uber and Bitcoin, as well as traditional issues such as international trade and labor issues. It also tries to focus on too-frequently ignored but important aspects of the American economy, holding discussions on issues such as infrastructure, rural poverty, and even the idea of a universal basic income. Economic Center authors in the Roosevelt Review have written about issues such as these, as well as the need for increased NASA research and reforms to Social Security. Indeed, few public policy matters touch our lives more frequently than economic issues, and the Center for Economic Development takes pride in its function within Roosevelt.


Previous Publications: 

"Strengthen and Expand Social Security" by Brendan Moore

"A Powerful 1%: Increasing NASA’s Budget" by Emma Warner

"Climate Finance: How Global Investment can Lead to a Resilient Low-Carbon Economy" by Rana Abuhilal

"Campaign Finance Reform: Disclosure Legislation for 501(c)(4)s and 501(c)6s" by Upasna Saha