Each one of our policy centers is led by at least one director. All policy Center Directors are on the Roosevelt board and are in charge of leading their respective initiatives during the semester. 


Democratic Access: Marion Gibson

Marion Gibson Pic.jpg

Marion is a senior at Barnard College majoring in environmental policy with a minor in economics. She was born and raised in Houston Texas, the most diverse city in the United States. On campus, she is involved in All Sex, a peer-led discussion group about gender and sexuality. Previously, she has held internships on capital hill with the office of Congressman Nadler (NY-9) and in business operations at a tech startup. She also spent her Junior Fall studying abroad in Santiago, Chile. However, her real passion is for Texas politics, and she recently worked as an outreach and finance intern at the Beto O’Rourke for Senate campaign, where she helped build out a statewide Students for Beto program. In her free time, Marion loves backpacking, eating blue bell ice cream, and watching Beto on Facebook live.


Economic Development: Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis Pic.jpg

Cameron is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Economics-Political Science with a concentration (minor) in Philosophy. Born in Chicago and raised in Northern Virginia, being close to DC fostered a deep interest in politics that has continued throughout both internships (on the Hill, and at think tanks and media companies) and extracurriculars, such as Roosevelt and the debate team. Also on campus, Cameron is involved in Youth for Debate and the credit union initiative, and is a passionate advocate for studying in Butler's periodicals room. In his limited free time, Cameron loves going to concerts, taking advantage of MoviePass before it inevitably goes bankrupt, and spending time with friends.


Education: Carolyn Kelley

Carolyn Kelley Pic.jpg

Carolyn is a Sophomore at Barnard College studying political science. Carolyn was raised in Amherst Massachusetts by public school teachers and is passionate about public education and sex ed. On campus, they work with Peer Health Exchange and teach weekly health classes in the New York City public schools. This summer Carolyn was the Field Director for a State Senate campaign in their home town. They enjoy hiking, backpacking, knitting, and making pies.


Energy & Environment: Adekunle Balogun


Adekunle is a junior in SEAS, majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in Political Science. Adekunle is the COÖP Hiking Coordinator and the Executive Vice President for Policy on Engineering Student Council. He loves the outdoors and almost aggressively tries to prove it to you with every fiber of his person. Adekunle spent last summer researching pollution trends in NYC, and he loves the hot topics of subsidized farming and the future of the agricultural industry. Adekunle is just a vegetarian from New Jersey, and while he stresses that does not need you to go vegetarian, he’ll reference it just often enough to make you think seriously about whether or not the planet needs you to go vegetarian.


Foreign Policy: Meher Malik


Meher is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and English Literature. She is from India but grew up in Dubai. On campus, she is involved with the Global Recruitment Committee, conducting admissions interviews and representing Columbia at high-schools abroad. She is also a member of the Sapna Project and an event chair for the South Asian Millennials' Conference. As a child, she wanted to be a vet, but got older and the dream changed to being a forensic anthropologist (thanks Bones). Then, she took her first high school biology class, did a 180 and settled on diplomacy, so that's what we're rolling with. Her interest in foreign policy stems from a fascination with the dynamics of international relationships and how these are shaped by the intricacies of policy but also by the behaviour, biases and language of individuals. She is so excited to be returning as centre director this year and looks forward to continually encouraging diversity in thought and perspective in Roosevelt. 


Healthcare: Sinead Hunt

Sinead Hunt Photo.jpg

Sinead is a junior at Barnard College majoring in Economics with a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Originally from White Plains, NY, she moved to Shanghai when she was thirteen, where she attended Shanghai Community International School. Having once aspired to attend medical school, Sinead interned at the Early Brain Injury Recovery Clinic at the Burke Neurological Institute while still in high school. Her interest in medicine has since transformed into a passion for health policy and healthcare economics. She has held internships at the Office of Congresswoman Lowey (D-NY) and the NYC Office of the Mayor. This past summer she interned at the NYC Deputy Mayor’s Office for Health and Human Services, where she worked to research and redress systemic health inequities.


Human Rights: Emma Gomez

Emma Gomez Pic.JPG

Emma is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Human Rights and Political Science. She was born in Guatemala but has lived in the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina for most of her life. At home, she enjoy camping, sailing, and hiking. At Columbia, she plays intramural soccer and is a leader for the Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program. She has been involved with Roosevelt since her freshman year of college. During her freshman year, she went on the Washington D.C. trip and contributed to an op-ed that advocated for the eradication of the student contribution for students on financial aid. She spearheaded a recycling initiative two years ago as Energy and Environment Center Director. Last year, she helped lead an initiative to garner support toward the passage of the Humane Alternative to Long-Term (HALT) Solitary Confinement Act as Initiative Organizer for the Human Rights Center. Apart from school, she enjoys running in Riverside, hanging out in dog parks, eating everything bagels, hammocking, and going on bike rides.


Technology: Lexie Lehmann

Lexie Lehmann Pic.jpg

Lexie is a junior in Columbia College studying Urban Studies and History. Last year, she was on the Executive Board as the Education Policy Center Director, however behind the scenes she worked with the previous Executive Board to formulate the inaugural Technology Center. Lexie is most interested in civic technology and smart city business ventures, but she’s excited to use the tech center this year to catapult conversations about computer ethics and big data, among other topics. Lexie spent the summer working as a project analyst for an urban development consultancy. In addition to Roosevelt, she is a member of Design for America. She is an indoor cycling and audiobook fiend.