Initiative Organizers are responsible for leading an initiative for general body members related to their center, created with the Center Director. Additionally, they recruit a general body member to write a blog post summarizing the discussion at general body meetings that they lead and work as the outreach director for your specific policy center.  With their Center Director, Initiative Organizers plan general body meetings.


Foreign Policy: Abhinav Suresh


Abhinav Suresh is a sophomore in Columbia College studying Economics. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Abhinav grew up competing in extemporaneous speaking competitions and reading everything he could find about international affairs. Abhinav’s main interest lies in the topic of interventionism: the ethics of the practice, the efficacy of its action, and the precise circumstances in which it can be used as a force of good. In fact, Abhinav even wrote about the topic for his core class of University Writing. Outside of Roosevelt Institute and International Affairs, Abhinav is a competitive chess player, a speech coach and judge, and a cooking enthusiast.


Energy and Environment: Adekunle Balogun


Adekunle (Ade) is a sophomore in SEAS and hails from a town called Metuchen in the Great State of New Jersey. He is currently considering whether or not he would move to Mars, and he loves the idea of colonizing Venus (after Earth is fixed). He likes soccer, sketching, and salmon bowls with kale from Dig Inn. He is majoring in Earth and Environmental Engineering and will minor in Political Science. As someone who is particularly drawn to the details of energy systems and reusability of materials, Ade will be concentrating in Sustainable Energy and Materials, and wants to contribute to informed policy forming on sustainability at some point in the future. As the 2017-2018 Energy and Environment Initiative Organizer, he wants to brainstorm solutions to the energy crisis and end environmental racism.


Education: Lindsay Meyerson


Lindsay Meyerson is a sophomore in Columbia College studying history and economics. She have long been interested in education policy and truly believe that education is the key to leveling the playing field and giving all American children the opportunity to reach their full potential. Likewise she believes that we, at the Education Center, can make a tangible contribution to that effort.  Aside from Roosevelt, she also writes for the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review and work as an Applications Consultant at CollegeVine. In her spare time, she loves exploring the city and discovering neighborhoods outside of Morningside Heights and have made it her goal to taste-test every dessert restaurant in Chelsea Market by graduation.


Healthcare: Megan Hickey

Megan Hickey Picture.jpg

Megan Hickey is a sophomore in Columbia College double-majoring in Sustainable Development and American History. She was first drawn to Roosevelt for its thoughtful and lively discussions. This year, Megan will serve as the 2017-2018 Healthcare Initiative Director; she is especially passionate about healthcare policy surrounding women’s health and mental health. After spending the summer studying agroecology, visiting local farms, and examining the relationship between food prices and surrounding economic communities across NYC, Megan discovered her interest in the intersection between human rights policy and environmental initiatives. Outside of Roosevelt, Megan can be found lounging on Low steps with friends, studying on Butler 6 or wandering the latest exhibit at the Whitney. Her favorite Spotify playlist is ‘Have a Great Day!’


Economic Development: Brendan Moore

Brendan is a senior in Columbia College and ill serve as the Economy Initiative Organizer at Columbia’s Roosevelt Institute after spending two years as Center Director for Economic Developmen. Originally from Bangor, Maine, Brendan is majoring in economics and has led Roosevelt policy discussions on issues such as Dodd-Frank, the effects of automation on the labor market, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. After graduation, Brendan is looking forward to contributing to policy issue as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In his free time, he enjoys exploring New York City, rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and reading economics blogs. He loves being a part of Roosevelt because of the welcoming, positive community and focus on policy details that truly matter n trying to improve the lives of fellow citizens.


Democratic Access: Emma Warner


Emma Warner is a senior at Barnard College studying English, Film and Political Science. She found her passion for politics and policy as a freshman at Barnard and serves as the Democratic Access Initiative Organizer for 2017-18. She is originally from southern Virginia and spends her free time searching for the perfect mac n' cheese, dancing, and retweeting Elon Musk.


Human Rights: Emma Gomez


Emma Gomez is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Human Rights and Political Science. She was born in Guatemala but have lived in the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina for most of her life. At home, she enjoy camping, sailing, and hiking. At Columbia, she plays intramural soccer and is a leader for the Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program. She have been involved with Roosevelt since my freshman year of college. During my freshman year, I went on the Washington D.C. trip and contributed to an op-ed that advocated for the eradication of the student contribution for students on financial aid. I also spearheaded a recycling initiative last year as Energy and Environment Center Director. Apart from school, I enjoy running in Riverside, hanging out in dog parks, eating everything bagels, hammocking, and going on bike rides.