About Human Rights:

The Human Rights Center is new to Roosevelt this year as an offshoot, along with Democratic Access, of the Equal Justice Center. The Human Rights Center strives to find policy solutions that guarantee essential rights and freedoms for all persons, while working to expand the reach and acceptance of human rights as a normative framework. Last year, the Equal Justice Center Directors spearheaded policy work into right to counsel in housing court, and led fantastic human rights based discussions on plea bargaining, money bail, paid family leave, and net neutrality. During the 2016-2017 school year, Human Rights Center Directors Ali Fraerman and Connor Haseley hope to move the human rights conversation forward, questioning things like what constitutes a human right, whether human rights should be more than minimum standards, and how human rights can be used to bring about progress at the local level and from the bottom up. Concurrently, the center will launch a criminal justice-based initiative which seeks to allow mental health professionals to observe and assist mentally handicapped persons during interrogations and court proceedings. The center will also host speakers and events which bring human rights professionals to campus to discuss their work, their careers, and the state of the human rights in theory and practice.


Previous Publications: 

"Eliminating Coercion in a Country Where a Confession is as Good as a Conviction" by Alison Fraerman

"Lifting an Unfair Burden: The Elimination of Money Bail" by Rachel Knowles

"Creating Campus Sexual Assault Courts" by Susannah Cohen