About Human Rights:

The Human Rights Center strives to find policy solutions that guarantee essential rights and freedoms for all persons, while working to expand the reach and acceptance of human rights as a normative framework. Last year, the Human Rights Center spearheaded policy work into efforts to secure driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants as well as securing campus-wide support for ending solitary confinement in New York through the passage of the HALT bill. During the 2018-2019 school year, Human Rights Center Director Emma Gomez and Initiative Organizer Maeve Flaherty hope to move the human rights conversation forward, building upon last year's work to bring about progress at the local level and from the bottom up. The Center will also host speakers and events which bring human rights professionals to campus to discuss their work, their careers, and the state of the human rights in theory and practice.


Previous Publications: 

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Marriage for All: Repealing the Same-Sex Marriage Act in Nigeria by Dotun Adegbite

Homemakers: Creating a Guaranteed Right to Housing Counsel by Justin Holiman

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

Do More than #CloseRikers: End Solitary Confinement in New York & Close the State's Isolated Confinement Supermaxes by Ali Fraerman

New York's Homeless and Barriers to IDs: Rethinking Documentation Requirements for IDNYC by Emma Bellows

Land of the Free, But Only for the Few: An Examination of the Constitutionality of North Carolina's Farm Act by Emma Gomez

Housing First: Bringing About an End to Homelessness in the Next Decade by Michael Pusic