About Healthcare:

The United States healthcare system is more interesting and complex than it has ever been. The passage of the Affordable Care Act amongst other sweeping healthcare policy reforms in the past decade reflect a large-scale shift to value-based, data driven healthcare delivery. This year's healthcare center hopes to focus on a range of policy issues ranging from the local level, such as food deserts and nutrition education in schools, to the federal arena, including regulations on Medicaid, Medicare, rural health, and the FDA pharmaceutical patent process.

Previous Publications:

"A Dearth of Donors: Increasing Organ Donation with an Opt-Out System" by Jordan Singer

"Rural Access to Behavioral Telehealth Services" by Kunal Shah

"Banning the Hyde Amendment to Give Low-Income Women Access to Abortion" by Madison Marko

"Adopting Smart Card Technology for Better Medicare" by Nikita Singareddy

"CRISPR: An Argument Against Future Regulations" by Olivia Ghosh

"'Direct Access' to Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants" by Sumya Akkas