About Healthcare:

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) irrefutably transformed the landscape of healthcare in the United States by expanding coverage to millions of Americans. However, despite these gains, our healthcare system remains plagued by inequities and inefficiencies. This year’s Healthcare Center, led by Center Director Sinead Hunt, hopes to tackle a range of topics, including single-payer healthcare, harm reduction strategies to combat the opioid epidemic, racial disparities in maternal health outcomes, and more.

Within the field, a growing cognizance of the social determinants of health has compelled healthcare providers to venture outside the realm of traditional “public health work” and combat the underlying cause of poor health--poverty. As such, the Healthcare Center hopes to team up with the Energy and Environment and Human Rights Centers to tackle topics related to the social, economic and environmental determinants of health.

Issue Briefs

In preparation for the Healthcare Center’s bi-weekly discussions, a core group of general body members prepare an issue brief on the policy topic under discussion. Compiling these issue briefs provide members with the opportunity to delve deeper into a specific policy area, gain important knowledge, and hone their research and writing skills.

Issue Brief 2: Supervised Injection Facilities in NYC by Tesfamichael Demeke, Sofia Escalante, Sinead Hunt, Sithara Kumar, and Jake Tibbetts

Issue Brief 1: The New York Health Act: A Single Payer Option for New York State by Tesfamichael Demeke, Sithara Kumar, Sofia Escalante, Roxanna Pasquier, & Sinead Hunt