About Energy and the Environment:

Issues concerning energy and the environment pervade almost all aspects of public policy. Environmental issues such as droughts and natural disasters have always had a major impact on civilization. The combined impacts of population growth and changes in the Earth’s climate have particularly brought to bear the importance of using the tools of the modern world to at once harness nature’s great power and to protect it (and in doing so protect our own built environment). This center focuses on finding policy solutions to environmental threats, as well as on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to related issues of infrastructure, healthcare, foreign policy and more. Discussions last semester ranged from the viability of the Keystone XL pipeline to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Last year, the center’s policy initiative focused on investigating clean air standards in New York City and researching innovative solutions to combat pollution and regulate waste removal. This year, the center hopes to complete an initiative focused on Food Accessibility and Quality in New York City, Campus Sustainability, or New York City’s Water Infrastructure. New members are invited to help research and to suggest topics for weekly discussions as well as take part in these center initiatives.

This year, the E&E Center is looking to work on an initiative that would have an impact on our local community and environment. Some ideas being considered include a push to expand renewable energy deployment on campus, possibly through a student-run renewable energy fund, or a look at environmental contamination in low-income, majority POC neighborhoods in New York City.

Previous Publications:

"Biofuel as a Sustainable Alternative" by Anneliese Gallagher 

"First Steps Towards the Preservation of the Ogallala Aquifer for Irrigated Farming" by Caravaggio Caniglia 

"Miami: Immediate Measures to Save a Sinking City" by Fernando Costa Piani Garcia

"Overhauling US Energy Policy: Rethinking Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Clean Energy Regulations" by Ricardo Jaramillo