About Energy and the Environment:

Issues concerning energy and the environment pervade almost all aspects of public policy. Environmental issues such as droughts and natural disasters have always had a major impact on civilization. The combined impacts of population growth and changes in the Earth’s climate have particularly brought to bear the importance of using the tools of the modern world to at once harness nature’s great power and to protect it (and in doing so protect our own built environment).

This Center, led by Center Director Adekunle Balogun and Initiative Organizer Arianna Menzelos, focuses on finding policy solutions to environmental threats, as well on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to related issues of infrastructure, healthcare, foreign policy and more. Discussions last semester ranged from the increase in severity of storms due to climate change to the future of energy infrastructure in the United States. Last year, the Center’s policy initiative focused on a campaign to persuade the university to commit to carbon neutrality. This year, the Center will not only continue to work on its carbon neutrality campaign but also begin new projects focused on local environmental action. It hopes to build on the mission of carbon neutrality by urging Columbia to join the Green Sports Alliance and by starting conversations on the relationship between pollution, income and race in New York City. and  New members are invited to help with any of these projects through outreach and research.

Previous Publications:

Taking Steps Towards a Smaller Carbon Footprint: Helping Students Achieve Carbon Neutrality by Meredith Harris & Arianna Menzelos

Urban Vertical Farming: Bringing Sustainability to Agriculture by Adekunle Balogun

Tampa's Vulnerability: The Need for Immediate Flood Policy Implementation by Marion Gibson

Environmental Justice in New York: Increasing Air Quality in Low Income Neighborhoods by Adekunle Balogun