About Education:

The education center focuses on equalizing educational opportunities across the board, through policy discussions, policy proposals, and initiatives. In the past year, we've held discussions ranging from the standardization of textbooks to the school-to-prison pipeline. Our initiatives have covered financing higher education and diversifying New York City public schools. We hope to continue to work to improve the equality of opportunity and the standard of excellence for the US education system. In the next year, we hope to build a community of people passionate about education who hope to craft the best policies to better prepare our future citzenry.

This year, after participating in the Roosevelt Institute's Re:Public incubator this summer, we have selected diversification of New York City public schools as our initiative topic for this year. We also hope to contribute to the discourse on adjunct professorships and graduate student unionization that is occurring on the Columbia/Barnard campus. We also plan to host a film screening of Fail State, a new documentary about the rise of for-profit colleges.

Previous Publications: 

"Redefining Standardized Testing" by Emma Cloyd

"Bringing LARC into the Classroom: A New Frontier in Preventing Teenage Pregnancy" By Karen Reppy

"Leveling Educational Opportunities: Integrating NYC High Schools" by Nicole Felmus