About Democratic Access:

The Democratic Access Center boasts the purview of many public policy issues pertinent to almost all facets of American political life. Whether it be about the inconsistency of voter ID laws across states, the implications of the Affordable Care Act on healthcare and taxes, funding for abortions abroad, or potential constitutional amendments regarding Senate confirmation of Supreme Court justices, a discussion hosted by the Democratic Access Center is sure to encompass hallmark public policy issues and will work to promote critical thinking and welcome new ways of understanding these topics. Because the Democratic Access Center is in its inaugural year having just been created by Roosevelt National in spring 2016, participants in this center will have the opportunity to shape what notions of democracy should even include at Columbia’s Roosevelt chapter in particular and the national Roosevelt Institute network in general.

This year’s center initiative for Democratic Access promises to center around significant public policy questions and offer members the chance to work diligently and collaboratively on policy research, writing, and presentation. While the center has yet to finalize the policy topic for its year-long initiative, it has strongly considered anti-poverty programs, campaign finance reform, graduate student unions, and same day voting; a final announcement will come in the fall. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to become in involved in the Democratic Access center! It is never too early to start.


Previous Publications: 

"Fighting Recidivism through Second Chance Legislation" by Cameron Davis

"Plea Bargaining: An Unfair Deal" by Jay Rappaport

"Get to Work: An Employer-Transit Partnership to Connect the Boroughs of New York City" by Robert Godfried