About Foreign Policy:

While foreign policy and international affairs never fail to attract conversation and debate, proposing policy on these issues presents the challenge of opacity. As a Center, Foreign Policy’s panels and open discussions last year focused on incredibly complex issues such as the Rohingya crisis, international security in the age of big data and terrorism post-ISIS. This year, the Center, led by Center Director Meher Malik, will continue this work while also endeavoring to revive the Defense and Diplomacy podcast. In the past, the podcast has given students the ability to interview guests including Dr Barham Salih, former Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan, and Congressman Jim McGovern and we're excited to bring it back!

Previous Publications:

Rethinking Military Aid: Against Funding the Abuse of Children in Foreign Detention Centers by Meher Malik

Breaking the Ice: Modernizing America's Icebreaker Fleet by Justin Holiman

Accounting for the Uncounted: The National Security Imperative for Recording and Compensating Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria by Clara Harter

Successfully Maneuvering the United States in an Age of Private Spaceflight Companies by Ben Kaplan